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  1. Stopped at Home Depot to get batteries for this camera since the old ones the incredibly scenic parking lot ;-)
  2. This is what's left from the recent snowstorm.
  3. Another snow shot.
  4. Same place, looking towards woods when nature calls...
  5. Sunrise | Closeup of Sunrise
  6. Rain clouds as front passes; Wyoming, RI
  7. Arcadia Hill, looking north.
  8. Arcadia Hill, looking south towards Hope Valley.
  9. Warwick, RI, near Cranston's Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, which celebrates Easter the following week.
  10. New Library at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA
  11. Stonington-Groton town line (CT), with 350th anniversary sign.

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Created:        April 15, 1999
Last modified:  July  20, 1999