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    October 20, 1998:

  1. Foxboro Stadium, MA, looking back north towards Boston at top of hill.
  2. Foxboro Stadium, MA, top of hill, looking south at humorous billboard.
  3. Looking out at Atlantic Ocean near end of Cliff Walk, Newport, RI.
  4. Cliff Walk sign, near end of Cliff Walk; helmet hanging from it. (Almost forgot helmet here).
  5. Mansion at end of Cliff Walk, seen from beach.
  6. End of Cliff Walk and ocean, looking SE from beach.
  7. View of Newport Bridge from northern part of Newport.
  8. View northward along abandoned Newport R.R. tracks, Portsmouth.
  9. Closeup of old-style R.R. crossing sign (1910's-1950's?).
  10. R.R. crossing and the street it's on near aluminum plant, facing RI-114.
  11. Colt State Park, Bristol, RI; east coast of peninsula.
  12. Colt State Park, near picture #12 showing old and new bridge.
  13. Colt State Park, W/NW view of Narragansett Bay and Warwick.
  14. Colt State Park, W/SW view of Narragansett Bay, Warwick & Prudence Island.
  15. Nooseneck Hill, RI: looking south on RI-3.
  16. Clarks Falls, CT, near RI border.
  17. View of half-changed tree in New London, Connecticut.

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