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  • Click here for 1997 and subsequent Hillside pictures and information.

    1996 was the year of Hillside Wrestling Weekend III; it was the first Hillside that I attended. Many of the photographs from this year did not come out well or were lost because the camera I used then was on its way out and the shutter was sticky. So I got no wrestling pictures from the two rolls I shot, but there are photos of the campsite, mats and the surrounding area in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

    1. Under the big tent (main wrestling area), Saturday.
    2. Meal area (before breakfast?).
    3. The campfire on Saturday night.

      This weekend was also Illumination Weekend, which is a unique yearly custom that began as a way of remembering the campsite owner's pet rabbit who died. Each year on this weekend, the camp is lit up in Christmas and other lights even though it is the middle of the summer. When I arrived at the camp late on Friday night (actually it was about 1:30am Saturday), I knew it was the right place because all of a sudden the pitch black hills in the middle of nowhere gave way to a brilliant display of lights.

    4. Illumination Weekend display.
    5. Another Illumination Weekend display.

      More pictures from Hillside and vicinity...

    6. Group picture on Sunday with camera's sticky shutter. At least this picture wasn't lost like lots of others were.
    7. Hey John, they look real interesting, whatever they are...
    8. Mountain pass area between US-11 and Lenox, near Hillside on PA-106.
    9. Mountain pass at High Knob, Moosic Mountain; Elevation 1940 ft.
    10. Near St. Tikhon's Monastery (Orthodox Church in America), South Canaan, PA.
    11. Dawn in the Poconos; downgrade into a misty valley.
    12. Pocono Mountains region, roadside view.
    13. Closeup of downgrade on PA-739 approaching Delaware River.
    14. Just before the bottom and the river.
    15. In New Jersey, heading home (US-46 @I-80).

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